Al Halib wa Kaft

Final Project: “Collaboration, cooperation, or interactive interference of many bodies or forces.” This quote from Bennet stuck with me after reading her article. After thinking over the various ways that this identifies a broader array of networks than I had previously thought of. I’ve known the extent of bands that were born from the break up of Cap’n Jazz (Shmap’n Shmazz). Each original member has his own movement through the bands that came from the breakup, note that there are 22 in all. As I examined the musical make up between Joan of Arc, Owls, and Make Believe, I noticed a quirk in 2008. Joan of Arc and Make Believe down tuned their guitars to CGCGBe, a tuning more common of Metal music. (The record producer brought in for Make Believe’s album that year, “Going to the Bone Church” was a man who produced Pelican and Neurosis- sludge metal bands) After learning that Tim Kinsella went through his divorce that year, I concluded that his force over the mosaic of both Make Belive and Joan of Arc was stronger. He affected those two bands more than any of the rest of the groups who put out music that year. I also examine Sam Zurick’s ability to affect groups, as he does in Owls and most earlier music by Make Believe. Finally, I end with how the structure grows and includes far more than just those who were in Cap’n Jazz as the case is with Zach Hill, who has played not only with former members of Cap’n Jazz, but Les Claypool (who scored Seinfeld), Buckethead, Tera Melos, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and many many more. The figures above demonstrate this movement as an individual structure that is permeable by other groups, entities, etc… which all have the power to affect the structure, just as the structure itself has the ability to affect those outside of the structure itself.